Want a new project? We have prepared some wood pieces just for the projects we have listed below.

Rolling Pins

Listed below is a sampling of wood types. If you would like a particular wood from the Northwest that is not listed below, please contact us.

The Standard Rolling Pin kit includes 1)rolling pin block, 2) handles, and 2)black locust pins. They come in plain, color, figure, and spalt. The price of the kits are listed below for rolling pin blocks that are:
3"X3"X12" for $19.00 shipping included.
3"X3"X16" for $22.00 shipping included.
4"X4"X12" for $26.00 shipping included.
4"X4"X16" for $31.00 shipping included.
The One-Piece Pastry Rolling Pin is a block 16"X2"X2" for $10.00 shipping included.
The types of wood are Colored Maple, Figured Maple, Spalted Maple, Wild Western Cherry, English Elm with Pin Burls, Silver Maple with Pin Burls, and Spalted Lacy Sycamore. The handles can be of the same wood type or if you prefer contrasting. When ordering please specify size, wood type, and handle type.
We have Oregon White Ash for bats.

E-mail us for sizes and prices.

Birdhouses are easy to build and provide lots of entertainment.

We have 7 birdhouses scattered around the yard and all have a pair of birds nesting. The kit includes 2) 20" to 24"X1"X4" and 2) 20" to 24"X1"X6" salvaged old growth cedar boards. Enough wood to build a cozy house of your own design. The price is $4.95 plus shipping.

Pens are a wonderful and practical gift.

The squares are 3/4" by 3/4" by 5" and run from 50 cents to a dollar a piece.

Proceed to the PENS Page for a selection of individual blanks and assortments to choose from.

See THE END product for pens and key chains.

Knives are a Fun and Easy Project.

The Scales are about 1.5" by 5" by 3/8" each and Blocks are 1.5" by 1.75" by 5".

Prices run from $2 cents to $5 each.

Procede to one of the knife scale pages listed below to make your selection:

Watch THE END product for knife projects.

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