We are a small company providing custom mobile sawing and wood processing solutions Located in the Pacific Northwest, just outside of Tacoma, Washington.

We saw on a circle mill, slabbing mill and a band mill this allows us to supply cants, flitches, lumber, bowl blocks, turning squares, mantles, burls, thin stock, boat wood, table tops, and carving wood out of your logs up to 60 inchs wide and to 20 feet long. If it's dry wood you need we have developed partenerships to get this done for you.

We can also provide a selection of wood from salvage sales from our sister business in south east Alaska seakwood.com begininng in the spring of 2014.

Who is nwwood...

Chris Fry and Cyndy Fry

Owners, Sawyer, E-mail, Shipping, and Website.

Thanks Chris

To contact, order or for any questions E-Mail

Local Customers Please Call for Hours and Directions.

Phone or Text (253) 279-4618 for Wood Questions.

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