Custom Sawing Page

Yes, We can turn those trees that you have had taken down into lumber.

Just get them to our mill and we can do the rest. Saw, Kiln Dry and Surface.

We can also pick up the logs at your place for an additional charge.

Size Lumber Desired $ per HR
Band Milling $85 per HR Plus Blades used or damaged
Blade Sharpening $12 each
Blade Replacement $24 each
Slabbing 24"+ wide (Clean Logs) $85 per HR
Resawing (Clean Wood no Iron, rocks or paint) $85.00 per HR ($20.00 Min)Plus Blades used or damaged
Resawing (Dirty Wood with Iron, rocks or paint) $95.00 per HR and You buy the blades!
(Blades are $24 each)

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